Still alive and working

2013-01-17 19:56:31 by cackletta

Still alive and still working on SaruWashiTako! Well, not lately due to this month being a real busy month in terms of school. Exams are soon and all that stuff. So I won't be able to get much done anytime soon. I can say though, that if I worked on this game one more week straight, it would be completed, I've only been getting bits done every now and then.

No fear, the game will still be released Sometime in 2013. HOPEFULLY before summer, I know that's what I said last year but things happen. Oh My God. I've been working on this game for a year! :O

If you ever want any quick info on how development on this game is doing and other wacky things, make sure to follow me on the twitters

Excited to see the final product!
- Nigel

Still alive and working


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2013-01-21 08:05:40

Okay. WOW. That actually looks incredible :D Did you have someone else do the artwork, or are you MUCH better than what I remembered?

cackletta responds:

I had someone else do that artwork! xD
I still have a lot of practice to go! Though I have learned a lot from examining Dave's (Muksmiduulit) wonderful art. A big thanks to him, for this game wouldn't have been anything near as good, art wise and gameplay wise, without him.


2013-07-28 11:13:03

what do you mean bad screencap i love this artwork