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Aquaman 2K16 COMIC!?!?!?

2016-08-31 00:39:03 by cackletta

2059012_147261823261_Promo1.pngRemember my old Aquaman Flash Animations? Welp! I drew this as a tribute to them! Perhaps it can be a comic one day! You can check out my current Comic: Wardens of Espora by clicking the image above or by clicking here.


2014-11-02 22:38:54 by cackletta

Hello everyone! I have some news today!

So incase you haven't noticed I have uploaded nothing in the year 2014. I also haven't been working on many Flash Related projects in 2014, the few that I have I plan on either completely reworking or scrapping all together.

That being said there are small things about this account that bother me and prevent me from wanting to continue using this particular one. Mostly a lot of the early reviews I left on other creator's work. A lot are negative, childish and ignorant. I've made this account at a very young age and I am constantly reminded of it and there's nothing I can do about this. I don't want to be uploading projects I sweat and bled for expecting people to like it only for me to look back at comments I made on other people's stuff that I can't remove saying "You Suck! Kill Yourself!"

The reason is kind of lame I know, but also the name of this account. "Cackletta?" Yeah, she's still my favourite Mario Villain but I never go by Cackletta on anything else nor do I plan to. I'll stick to "Zigel" or "Nigel's Pad" thank you very much.


Since I'm abandoning this account I will make some of my older work once again viewable. the GVD Trilogy will be unblocked and if I can find the files on my 1000 back up disks, the World of Glory games and *gulp* MarioCraft will also return. Who knows, maybe more if I don't feel they're too cringy. And maybe The Aquaman Series in 10 years (If anyone remembers that, hopefully not) It's not like i'll be forced to see them alongside games and movies I put effort into anymore!


Catch me at NigelFlash! See y'all later!

New Projects 2014!

2014-02-26 19:33:58 by cackletta

A new year, a new beginning. Along with being busy on YouTube doing my video game and movie reviews and other stuff, i've also been busy creating a game on RPG Maker and of course, working on the next barrage of Flash Games!

Fruit Kingdom: The Ballad of Luther Lemon, is an upcoming strategy game that is nearing completion. It is highly inspired by Plants vs Zombies however with some neat twists and features. It tells the story of Luther Lemon and how he overcomes an invasion of demons from afar. 

Poley and Waffle HD is still under development. It is nearing completion but there are still little neat things I want to add to give the game a more fresh feel. As the title suggests, it's a remake of my old game The Adventures of Poley and Waffle. This isn't just a HD remake but a complete recreation of the entire game including graphics, levels, mechanics and overall gameplay.

I also plan to get some animations out over the course of 2014. But, those are in flash pre-production, so i'll have to update y'all on that later. Probably once Fruit Kingdom is released. Anyways, I appreciate any support, have a great day!

New Projects 2013!

2013-08-08 00:25:43 by cackletta

With SaruWashiTako Published (Even in it is just in Beta Form) I think it's time to stop calling my other Projects "Side Projects" and begin to work on the fully! In fact, I have for the past 2 days! Don't get me wrong I will still be updating SaruWashiTako, but because I really want to start new things and because it got a negative reception (At least considering it took way over a Year to make) I will be focusing most of my energy on these next two games: Dungeon Master and Poley and Waffle HD

I recently opened up a website for Journal and Preview purposes that have some screenshots and information about the games. You can see it here: Purplesquid Productions!

Leave anything you have to say in the comments below. Tell which game you look forward to most! Thanks a lot, baaai!


2013-04-08 22:46:50 by cackletta

Welp, after loafing around for so damn long and getting no work on Flash or Videos done, the wait is over. I'm FINALLY going to work more than 15 mins a week on my flash stuff starting this weekend! Better start jogging to build up motivation!

So... what do you think of these games?

Still alive and working

2013-01-17 19:56:31 by cackletta

Still alive and still working on SaruWashiTako! Well, not lately due to this month being a real busy month in terms of school. Exams are soon and all that stuff. So I won't be able to get much done anytime soon. I can say though, that if I worked on this game one more week straight, it would be completed, I've only been getting bits done every now and then.

No fear, the game will still be released Sometime in 2013. HOPEFULLY before summer, I know that's what I said last year but things happen. Oh My God. I've been working on this game for a year! :O

If you ever want any quick info on how development on this game is doing and other wacky things, make sure to follow me on the twitters

Excited to see the final product!
- Nigel

Still alive and working

Frogatto and Friends!

2012-08-13 10:22:44 by cackletta

Hey guys, I thought I'd do a Solo LP of me just playing Frogatto and friends. It's a pretty awesome game and it's very beautiful to look at. It's got a very retro feel that I just love. Anyways, why not watch the video itself before I daze away into my imagination...

Have a good day!


2012-07-29 22:59:16 by cackletta

Currently the only people testing this game are the two creators myself and Dave. We would much definately prefer more than what we have. All you have to do, is personal message me saying you'd wish to Beta Test it or follow the instructions on the video. Whatever you prefer. You will get your name (Username or real name, whatever you'd prefer, let me know in the PM or whatever) in the end credits of the game if you do. Plus a shout out in future videos.

Click to See More SaruWashi Tako Gameplay!

SaruWashiTako Gameplay footage

2012-07-27 16:34:08 by cackletta

Well I figured I should probably show you guys how far SaruWashiTako development has gone since the last update. I know I've shown you a couple pictures, but pictures aren't good enough. So... SHAZAM!

How does it look? Make sure to give criticism in the comments. In fact I'd rather you nit-pick at the negatives then just say "THIS LOOKS AMAZING!" Don't be afraid about sounding mean, because I'm really curious on how other people may view this game.

Flash from the Past

2012-07-10 14:39:46 by cackletta

I may suck at flash my dear friends, but I have improved a lot over the years. Some may disagree some will agree. Well to have all of you agree with me, here is a video I made showing you several flash projects I made in 2009 that I never uploaded to the world wide web!

Yeah... so take that!